Subject: Non-Discrimination

Assessing Covid Status Certifications. A Proportionality Litmus-Test

View Authors Kuylen, M. / Martin, W. / Vivek Bhatt

Human rights and COVID-19 triage: a comment on the Bath protocol

View Authors Bhatt, V. / Kuylen, M. / Martin, W. / Michalowski, S. / Wyllie, A.

Webinar: Liberty, Proportionality and Human Rights in Locked-Down Care Homes

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Discrimination, Triage and Denial-of-Treatment: Lessons from COVID-19 in the UK

View Authors Martin, W.

Beyond the pragmatic definition? The right to non-discrimination of persons with disabilities in the context of coercive interventions

View Authors Gurbai, S.

Achieving CRPD Compliance: Is the Mental Capacity Act of England and Wales compatible with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities? If not, what next?

View Authors Burch, M. / Jutten, T. / Martin, W. / Michalowski, S.