Subject: Mental Capacity

Human Rights in Care Homes: Survey Report

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Insight Under Scrutiny in the Court of Protection: A Case Law Survey

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Misevaluating the Future: Affective Disorder and Decision-Making Capacity for Treatment – A Temporal Understanding

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Authenticity, Insight, and Impaired Decision-Making Capacity in Acquired Brain Injury: Reply to Palmer and McMillan

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Assessing Decision-Making Capacity after Brain Injury: A Phenomenological Approach

View Authors Freyenhagen, F. / Martin, W. / Owen, G. S.

Three Jurisdictions Report: Towards Compliance with CRPD Art. 12 in Capacity/Incapacity Legislation across the UK

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The MCA Under Scrutiny

View Authors Martin, W.

Hidden Substance: Mental Disorder as a Challenge to Normatively Neutral Accounts of Autonomy

View Authors Freyenhagen, F. / O'Shea, T.

Vulnerable Adults and the Inherent Jurisdiction of the High Court

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Mental Capacity And Decisional Autonomy: An Interdisciplinary Challenge.

View Authors Freyenhagen, F. / Hotopf, M. / Owen, G. S. / Richardson, G.

Personal Autonomy and Mental Capacity

View Authors Freyenhagen, F.

Consent in History, Theory and Practice

View Authors O'Shea, T.