Subject: Autonomy and Philosophy

Autonomy’s Substance

View Authors Freyenhagen, F.

A Law of One’s Own: Self-Legislation and Radical Kantian Constructivism

View Authors O'Shea, T.

Antinomies of Autonomy: German Idealism and English Mental Health Law

View Authors Martin, W.

Autonomy and Orthonomy

View Authors O'Shea, T.

Philosophical Models of Autonomy

View Authors Ashley, V.

Hidden Substance: Mental Disorder as a Challenge to Normatively Neutral Accounts of Autonomy

View Authors Freyenhagen, F. / O'Shea, T.

Critics of Autonomy

View Authors O'Shea, T.

Mental Capacity And Decisional Autonomy: An Interdisciplinary Challenge.

View Authors Freyenhagen, F. / Hotopf, M. / Owen, G. S. / Richardson, G.

Mental Capacity and the Applied Phenomenology of Judgement

View Authors Hickerson, R. / Martin, W.

Autonomy and Value

View Authors O'Shea, T.

Consent in History, Theory and Practice

View Authors O'Shea, T.