Three Jurisdictions Report: Towards Compliance with CRPD Art. 12 in Capacity/Incapacity Legislation across the UK

View Authors Caughey, C. / Hempsey, A. / Martin, W. / McGregor, R. / Michalowski, S. / Ruck Keene, A. / Stavert, J. / Ward, A.

Three Jurisdictions Project Briefing Paper 4: Support for the Exercise of Legal Capacity

View Authors McGregor, R. / Stavert, J.

Three Jurisdictions Project Briefing Paper 3: Safeguards Against Undue Influence and Conflicts of Interest

View Authors Caughey, C. / Martin, W. / Michalowski, S.

Three Jurisdictions Project Briefing Paper 2: Special (and Particular) Regard

View Authors Martin, W.

Three Jursidictions Project Briefing Paper 1: Preliminary Analysis of CRPD Compliance in NI

View Authors Ruck Keene, A.

Autonomy, Respect and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Crisis

View Authors Burch, M.

Clinical assessment of decision-making capacity in acquired brain injury with personality change

View Authors David, A. S. / Freyenhagen, F. / Martin, W. / Owen, G. S.

Autonomy’s Substance

View Authors Freyenhagen, F.

Achieving CRPD Compliance: Is the Mental Capacity Act of England and Wales compatible with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities? If not, what next?

View Authors Burch, M. / Jutten, T. / Martin, W. / Michalowski, S.

The MCA Under Scrutiny

View Authors Martin, W.

A Law of One’s Own: Self-Legislation and Radical Kantian Constructivism

View Authors O'Shea, T.

Great Expectations – Autonomy, Responsibility and Social Welfare Entitlement

View Authors Ashley, V.

Temporal inabilities and decision-making capacity in depression

View Authors Freyenhagen, F. / Hotopf, M. / Martin, W. / Owen, G. S.

Antinomies of Autonomy: German Idealism and English Mental Health Law

View Authors Martin, W.