Human Rights in Care Homes: Survey Report

This document summarises the most significant findings from an anonymous online survey held by the Essex Autonomy Project in spring 2020 in the context of an AHRC-funded research project, “Human Rights in Care Homes”. This research project investigated the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on care home residents in England and Wales. The survey was aimed at care professionals who worked in or with care homes during the pandemic, and addresses five themes: (1) restrictive measures, (2) use and usefulness of guidance, (3) access to care, (4) use and usefulness of Independent Mental Capacity Advocates (IMCAs), (5) the use of DNACPR orders during the pandemic.

How to cite this document:

  • Kuylen, M.
  • Martin, W.
  • Wyllie, A.
  • Bhatt, V.
  • Michalowski, S.

(2021) Human Rights in Care Homes: Survey Report. Essex Autonomy Project: