Research Articles

Authenticity, Insight, and Impaired Decision-Making Capacity in Acquired Brain Injury: Reply to Palmer and McMillan

View Authors Freyenhagen, F. / Martin, W. / Owen, G. S.

Assessing Decision-Making Capacity after Brain Injury: A Phenomenological Approach

View Authors Freyenhagen, F. / Martin, W. / Owen, G. S.

Obstacles in the Assessment of Intuitive Decision-Making Capacity

View Authors Martin, W.

Human Rights and Human Experience in Eating Disorders

View Authors Martin, W.

An Unblinkered View of Best Interests

View Authors Ashley, V. / Freyenhagen, F. / Martin, W. / O'Shea, T. / Szerletics, A.

Autonomy, Respect and the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Crisis

View Authors Burch, M.

Clinical assessment of decision-making capacity in acquired brain injury with personality change

View Authors David, A. S. / Freyenhagen, F. / Martin, W. / Owen, G. S.

Autonomy’s Substance

View Authors Freyenhagen, F.

The MCA Under Scrutiny

View Authors Martin, W.

A Law of One’s Own: Self-Legislation and Radical Kantian Constructivism

View Authors O'Shea, T.

Great Expectations – Autonomy, Responsibility and Social Welfare Entitlement

View Authors Ashley, V.

Temporal inabilities and decision-making capacity in depression

View Authors Freyenhagen, F. / Hotopf, M. / Martin, W. / Owen, G. S.

Antinomies of Autonomy: German Idealism and English Mental Health Law

View Authors Martin, W.

Autonomy and Orthonomy

View Authors O'Shea, T.