Autonomy Project Reports

통합적법적능력제도를 위하여* – 정상과학에서 위기과학으로 그리고 다시 오다” (“Towards an Inclusive Regime of Legal Capacity: From Normal Science to Crisis Science and Back Again,” in Korean)

View Authors Martin, W.

Protecting Human Rights in Care Settings

View Authors Kuylen, M. / Martin, W.

Human Rights in Care Homes: Survey Report

View Authors Bhatt, V. / Kuylen, M. / Martin, W. / Michalowski, S. / Wyllie, A.

Assessing Covid Status Certifications. A Proportionality Litmus-Test

View Authors Kuylen, M. / Martin, W. / Vivek Bhatt

Triage in the COVID 19 pandemic

View Authors No Authors for this resource

Is Involuntary Placement and Non-Consensual Treatment Ever Compliant with UN Human Rights Standards?

View Authors Gurbai, S. / Martin, W.

Three Jurisdictions Report: Towards Compliance with CRPD Art. 12 in Capacity/Incapacity Legislation across the UK

View Authors Caughey, C. / Hempsey, A. / Martin, W. / McGregor, R. / Michalowski, S. / Ruck Keene, A. / Stavert, J. / Ward, A.

Three Jurisdictions Project Briefing Paper 4: Support for the Exercise of Legal Capacity

View Authors McGregor, R. / Stavert, J.

Three Jurisdictions Project Briefing Paper 3: Safeguards Against Undue Influence and Conflicts of Interest

View Authors Caughey, C. / Martin, W. / Michalowski, S.

Three Jurisdictions Project Briefing Paper 2: Special (and Particular) Regard

View Authors Martin, W.

Three Jursidictions Project Briefing Paper 1: Preliminary Analysis of CRPD Compliance in NI

View Authors Ruck Keene, A.

Achieving CRPD Compliance: Is the Mental Capacity Act of England and Wales compatible with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities? If not, what next?

View Authors Burch, M. / Jutten, T. / Martin, W. / Michalowski, S.

Philosophical Models of Autonomy

View Authors Ashley, V.

Critics of Autonomy

View Authors O'Shea, T.