Training and Consultancy

The Autonomy Project offers Workforce Training (onsite or remote) and Consultancy Services.

Workforce Training

Essex Autonomy Project Workforce Training provides advanced on-site training on current research, legal developments and the ethical issues surrounding the idea of autonomy in care contexts. Examples of available modules include: “Tailoring Support for Decision-Making Capacity,” “Using the Mental Capacity Act in CPR Decision-Making,” and “Assessing Necessity and Proportionality when Rights are Restricted.”

What do the training days include?

Each workplace training session includes legal briefings, overview of the latest research and collaborative exploration of case study material. Currently, all training sessions are being held on Zoom, with breakout rooms used to facilitate discussion. Depending on your preferences, training may be held on one day, or may take place over several days. We hope to resume onsite workforce training soon.

Each training day is designed to be an interactive and informative forum for exploring the ethical challenges that arise in professional practice. Sessions can contribute to CPD portfolios and can be tailored to fit local training and development requirements.

How many people can attend?

We are able to deliver training to groups of up to 200 participants. However, we encourage the use of smaller groups in order to facilitate discussion.

Who leads the training?

Sessions are led by teaching and research staff from the Essex Autonomy Project.

For information about fees, to book or discuss work-place training please email


Staff from the Essex Autonomy Project are available to provide consultancy, advice and advanced training on issues around mental capacity, decision-making, risk assessment and CPRD compliance. The project has worked with local authorities, NHS trusts and third-sector groups across the UK. Our consultancy work ranges from contributing to senior staff briefings, providing teaching sessions for advanced students, hosting staff development away-days and leading workshops, seminars and discussion groups.

We work with clients to develop sessions that will practically benefit people, whilst allowing them to reflect on their current practice. Our consultancy is based on our research, but tailored for the specific needs of each client.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Mental capacity legislation
  • Support for decision-making
  • The ethical and philosophical dilemmas of decision-making
  • Patient insight into illness
  • The application of the UNCRPD
  • Risk and risk-assessment
  • Deprivation of Liberty

If the Essex Autonomy Project can help your team please contact us to discuss your requirements.